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“...Ada has a beautiful voice with a rich velvety quality...bella voce!” (Luciano Pavarotti)

Highlights of reviews from critics and commentators:

  "...This is a Mimi that Puccini would have loved to have heard and seen"  (regarding Ada's performance as Mimi in "La Boehme",La Gazzetta di Modena, Modena, Italy

"...Such a beautiful voice coupled with a solid vocal technique and a deep capacity for interpretation...Brava, alla bellissima Ada"  (Circolo Lirico di Rovereto, Italy)

...This is it! Beautiful songs, brilliant voice. ADA DE LUQUE sings like an angel!” (Dirk Stursberg, European Radio DJ, Germany, United

...a unique blend of smooth jazz, Latin/Caribbean and classical music influences topped with the beauty of Ada's sensual and sultry voice

makes 'Warm Summer Night Dreams' a most enjoyable cocktail” (City Smart Magazine)

...On Warm Summer Night Dreams she generally restrains her operatic impulses in favor of sensuous performances of her Latin flavoredpop/jazz compositions...richly romantic music and she delivers passionate performances... There's a hint of Brazil, a touch of Afro-Cuban... the likely marketplace for this music is in the smooth jazz category. That's a shame, in a way, because what she's doing is much better than most of what ends up on that shelf, but at least it offers an upgrade for the genre.” (Shaun Dale, Cosmik Debris Magazine)

"...Ada de Luque sings smooth jazz... too! -- ...candle-lit, Latin-influenced smooth jazz... de Luque's voice is undeniably accomplished and beautifully sincere, against the lukewarm quality of her material enough to generate captivating sparks... Despite the instrumental arrangement's plastic backbeat and bland Kenny G-isms, "No Color of You" holds back enough schmaltz to let de Luque's sighing vocals register significantly on an emotional scale. Warm Summer Night Dreams probably will win you over if you aren't into smooth jazz, thanks to de Luque's voice, it's quite a step above most of the speaker pollution playing in restaurants, waiting rooms, and hallways across the country."      – Matt Pierce, Splendid Magazine

Some comments and blogs straight from her audiences:

"...I don't know if it's the combination of the beauty of Ada's voice and the sounds of the instruments and arrangements, but this cd is romantic and sensual to the max!  I like the poetry of her lyrics too, not the usual run of the mill.  Thumbs up!  (Silvana H. Garcis)

"...Just got her CD at CdBaby browsing thru and I am so in love with it and with her voice, it's so beautiful... that type of really gorgeous voice brings K.D. Land to mind..."  (Ed Livinston)

"...At the invitation of some friends I first heard Ada's music at a private club. This album is a wonderful blend of cultures that "cook-up" rich flavors of smooth-jazz. It reflects the energy of Ada's live performances and will be one to play at parties, relaxing with friends or even just to enjoy in your own quiet time. I encourage all to enjoy the magical journey her music will take any listener on..." (Victor Lue-Yat)

Her voice is so melodic and lulling that you can't help but feel like you're going to a different place and time. She has such a diverse way of bringing music to her listeners that it's easy to forget you're listening to the same cd. I love the way she intro's her music with a smooth sound, opera tones and kicks the beat up with the drums and dance sounds. Great in English and Spanish - amazing voice and talent, I'd love to see her perform live" (Susana Armstrong)