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Born in Cuba of Spanish origin, Ada de Luque‘s love for music and singing started as a little girl, while listening and singing along with her parents, family, and their friends as they performed Cuban classical boleros and the best loved Spanish standard songs accompanied by their guitars. 

When she was five years old, her family moved to Miami. Without losing touch with her musical heritage, Ada was exposed to a broad spectrum of musical influences, from classical, symphonic, opera, chamber music, etc. to soul and rock-and- roll, jazz, and blues.  It was her affinity and love towards classical music which eventually, at age 15, prompted her to start her classical vocal and musical training.  After winning several major national competitions and awards for young opera singers, including a grant from the famous Florida Grand Opera (then the Miami Opera Guild), before the age of 20, Ada, following the advice of famed soprano Mirella Freni, moved to Italy to perfect her art at the Conservatorio di Musica di Bologna, under the direction of Maestro Leone Magiera, where she obtained her Masters Degree in Music and Vocal Performance. 

While at the conservatory, she participated in the International Luciano Pavarotti/Philadelphia Opera Competitions, which began her longtime friendship with the Pavarotti family, including private vocal coaching from the celebrated legendary tenor himself.  Pavarotti upon hearing Ada's voice for the first time, commented on the quality of her voice, saying, “Ada has a beautiful voice with a rich velvety quality...Bella voce!”

Shortly afterwards, Ada was performing with great success in recitals, concerts and opera in both Italy and Germany, and was very well positioned in Europe to start joining the ranks of the young and rising opera divas – but fate had other plans.

Visiting Miami during Christmas vacation, Ada’s mother had a bad accident that injured her back, and Ada was faced with taking care of her.  Interrupting her career and staying in Miami to care for her mother actually opened up a new realm of experience for Ada.  She became the lead star performing at the most elegant night clubs and venues, in Las Vegas style variety shows singing from the best loved classics to Broadway and the greatest pop standards of different countries, and garnering rave reviews for both her vocal style and showmanship.  The ACCA (Association of Critics and Commentators of America) awarded her as the “Best Female Nightclub Performer” in Florida for two consecutive years.  Her success in the Variety-show nightclub arena continued as she became the premiere Diva of the prestigious Fontaine Bleu Hilton's Club Tropigala, winning her another ACCA award in 1996.

During this period, Ada’s foray into song writing, a talent she began to cultivate back in Italy, produced two global hits for the Latin market: “Alma de gitana” and “Te Borrare”, recorded by Ednita Nazario, in the late 80’s.  And also during this time Ada produced her first LP as a singer-songwriter for the Latin pop music world, reaching top-ten status with one of her songs titled "No debe ser".
This success prompted Ada to continue composing, expanding her style to different genres.  Most especially coming back to her true love:  classical music, writing songs of sacred music (her "Ave Maria", for 2 voices or two-part choir, which has been performed in churches and concerts in South Florida) and other secular nature pieces for the classical music field.  

Continuing with her career in the classical music field, Ada's performances in various concerts and productions for different entities in the United States,  such as the Treasure Coast Opera, the Florida Chamber Orchestra, the Hallandale Symphony Orchestra, the Coral Springs Symphony Orchestra, the Arturo Toscanini Orchestra, Pro-Arte Grateli productions, and others, also won her great acclaim, along with concerts and recitals in Italy as well. 

It is during this period that Ada is asked to join the roster
at two of the most distinguished institutions in the United States, the New World School of the Arts and Miami-Dade Community College, where she starts a reputable and very successful teaching career as Artist-Professor of Voice and Music.

Within this first decade of the new millennium , with the creation of her CD, "Warm Summer Night Dreams", a new chapter in Ada’s career takes flight, as she again starts putting into words and music the personal and spiritual journeys that, while unique to this artist, are themes that are universal to us all.  Themes of romance, sensuality... and most importantly of deep spiritual awareness and spiritual truth.  

In Ada's words, about her CD "Warm Summer Night Dreams": "My latest project is a composite of all that I have learned as a human being, as a woman, and as an artist.  I believe that we generate good feelings when we are performing or listening to music, and that these good feelings emanate from us and touch everything and everyone on this planet because I know that we are all interconnected and All One.  I want to bring my audiences to that special Oasis, and inspire them to feelings of love, beauty, goodness, spirituality, romance, and sensuality. And so it is with great joy and love that I open my soul and heart to all of you, hoping that these songs will touch that in you which is romantic … that in you which is loving … and that in you which is Divine …”   "Warm Summer Night Dreams" is available at CD Baby, Amazon, Itunes and other internet sites.

Ada is presently based in South Florida where her family has resided for decades.. "I really appreciate always coming back to the warmth and beauty of the Florida tropical lifestyle... I guess having been born and raised in the tropics makes me a true tropical creation!"